Friday, March 12, 2010

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Heavy Metal Parking Lot is a brief time-capsule of mid-1980s wasted youth. The made-for-public-access-TV documentary captures various heshers tailgating before a Judas Priest concert at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. It's a simple concept but hugely entertaining to watch. Tons of Chevy Camaros, shirtless dudes and drunken rambling. was a better, simpler time. Check out this clip of a DC/101 fan doing his best Rob Halford impression featuring hair that was long out of fashion even in 1986.

You can view the entire 16 minute movie here.

WWDC "DC101" is an Active Rock station from Washington D.C. These stickers have their current logo which they've been using since at least 2004. They were a straight-ahead Album Rock station when Heavy Metal Parking Lot came out in 1986.

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