Thursday, October 7, 2010


WUNI was a Country station in Mobile, Alabama from 1963 until 1984. The call letters stood for "you and I" and their mascot was known as the Woonie Bird. This sticker is actually a much more neon yellow but my scanner muted the color for some reason. 1410 AM now carries a Catholic format as WNGL "Archangel Radio."


  1. My dad was the engineer for this radio station from the very beginning even after it changed ownership. He passed away in Jan 2004. Lots of fond memories. We still have one of the original Woonie Bird pins and a few photos of the radio van he had for putting on remotes. Called, The WUNI Wagon.

  2. my uncle marvin had a job as dressing up as a wuni bird for special events the station had.

  3. I worked this station for a couple of years as Clint Gates around 1980-82. We did female wrestling on remote and at the fair and had many good fun announcers.