Tuesday, January 31, 2012


KQBZ "100.7 The Buzz" was a "Hot Talk" station aimed primarily at a male audience. They were on the air in Seattle, Washington from 1999 to 2005. 100.7 FM is currently KKWF "The Wolf" airing a Country format.
Former syndicated talk show host Tom Leykis did afternoons on "The Buzz" from his Los Angeles home base of KLSX. When callers became tiresome or unwanted, Leykis used to "blow them up" by playing an explosion sound effect while he hung up on them. After awhile, callers simply said "Blow Me Up Tom" when they knew they were about to get kicked off the air. The catchphrase was also the last words spoken on his show before KLSX flipped from Talk to CHR in 2009. The Tom Leykis Show is set to return as a podcast on April 2, 2012 according to his website.

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