Friday, December 21, 2012


"Lady 1320 AM" was a short-lived station licensed to Hollywood, Florida circa 1980.  These message board posts mention the station but I can't find any solid info as to what their format was.  Were they a Top-40 station?  A female-oriented Country station?  Who knows!?  If you do, feel free to leave a comment.
1320 AM currently carries a World Music format as WLQY.

UPDATE:  See comment.  Thanks Dan!


  1. According to this site WADY was AC (Rod Stewart, ELO, Linda Ronstadt, etc.):

  2. WADY was a top 40's station. I used to work there when Sheridan St was a dirt road & there were horses in the fields surrounding the station. I did survey work. I called people & played bits of songs for them & then they'd tell me if they liked it or not. Easy job & getting to see & pet the horses at lunch time was a nice perk.