Monday, July 29, 2013

Radio Sticker of the Day Mailbag - CHTT

Yesterday my post office box was filled with the wonderful sight of a package of radio stickers and other goodies from Dan in British Columbia.  Thanks again my friend!

Along with the stickers were these fantastic postage stamps featuring Canadian recording artists.  The Guess Who and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush have had major success in the US and get regular rotation on Classic Rock stations.  The Tragically Hip are tragically unknown in the States except in border cities like Detroit and Buffalo while Beau Dommage's popularity was mainly centered in Quebec.  As a postal employee, a former stamp collector, a fan of rock and roll and all things Canadian, I love that Canada Post has decided to hono(u)r these deserving bands.

A brand new sticker from a station that surely plays at least three of the four bands pictured above is CHTT "103.1 Jack FM" licensed to Victoria, British Columbia.  They've carried the Adult Hits "Jack FM" format since 2004.

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