Saturday, August 3, 2013


Two early 1980s stickers from KSXO ("K-Six-O") a Top-40 station in Redding, California.  By the mid-1980s KSXO ceased to exist and the frequency went dark.


  1. Yeah, the station 'went dark' alright... it burnt to the ground one night in the '90's. I would know, too... I mean about being a DJ (I had nothing to do with the fire) because I was one... one of the DJs from 1984 to '86 - best nighttime ratings EVER! This is Rockin' Jeff Rogers on KSXO Redding!

  2. Greg, I have a couple stickers from my internship days at KEZY, Anaheim, California (you won't believe what their 'motto' is on the stickers. "KEZY Kicks Ass!" I guess that's Cali for ya'! - jef Grace

  3. what a pain to post... just saying. - jef G

  4. Yeah, it is a pain to post now. Had to start moderating comments after getting spammed. I was spending way too much time deleting spam "comments" so now I have to approve every comment and you have to go through extra steps. Sorry 'bout that...
    Would you be willing to donate one of your KEZY stickers to an obsessive collector? I posted the only one I have from them here:

    And another one somewhere in here:

    Thanks for writing,