Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mystery Keychain - Double Q

This keychain is either from WHQQ or WNQQ but the writing is so tiny that it is barely (or should I say "bearly") visible.  I can see that it says "Double Q 92.1" but Googling hasn't solved this mystery completely.  There is no station currently using the WNQQ call letters.  WHQQ is "The Game,"a Sports station at 98.9 FM licensed to Neoga, Illinois.  They are owned by the Cromwell Radio Group which owns 14 stations in Illinois.  One of these stations is WWGO "92.1 The Axe," a Classic Rock station licensed to Charleston, IL.  Wikipedia's entry for WWGO says that they are owned by "WHQQ, Inc."  My guess is that WWGO used to be WHQQ.  Anyone know if this is the case or what their format was? 

UPDATE:  Mystery solved.  See comment.  Thanks Tybois!

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  1. You're right, the current WWGO was WHQQ from St. Patrick's Day 1993 to Halloween of 1997 when the station became WHQQ.