Sunday, December 15, 2013


The 1977 Broadcasting Yearbook lists Mansfield, Louisiana's KDXI as having both a Country and Gospel format.  It's unclear what became of the them as no station currently exists at 1360 AM in that area of the state.

UPDATE:  See comments.  Thanks KM!


  1. I love a mystery.

    Using the online archives of Broadcasting, I found that KDXI and sister station KJVC-FM were sold in 1989 to DeSoto Broadcasting but that by 1991 DeSoto only owned the FM.

    Both stations were listed in the 1990, 1991 and 1992 Yearbooks (although the FM was now listed as KDXI-FM and simulcasting the AM) but disappeared as of the 1993 edition.

    Since the AM began as a 1000-watt daytimer, later adding 178 watts at night, I suspect that they took it dark as the audience migrated to FM. I found no records of a sale of the AM in the 1990s so that seems the most logical option.

  2. On a DX-er site which has a page tracking expired or cancelled licenses, I found that KDXI's license expired in 1996. They likely went dark long before then (1992?) but the site didn't have a date of license surrender.

    Anyway, that explains why no current records exist. It's been a couple of decades since AM 1360 was transmitting in that part of the country.

  3. The license was officially cancelled 11/25/1991. A letter with that date may be in the public reference room ("Reference Information Center") at the FCC. The folder would be marked 16789 (the Facility ID number of the station). If contacting RIC, mention that it is a deleted station--if I remember correctly, the folders for no-longer-existing stations are in a separate area.

  4. I worked there in the mid-1970's. The owner passed away in 2008 but I believe he was in ill health for some time before that. He purchased some other stations but ended up selling them back to their previous owners. Small market AM daytimers were hard to make a living from even back then. There was little to no money for maintenance and the facility and equipment went steadily downhill.