Tuesday, February 25, 2014


"The Voice of the University of Dayton," WVUD was a Rock station licensed to Kettering, Ohio.  WVUD was a unique college radio station in that they were a 50,000-watt, commercially licensed signal in which all of the announcers were students but the management and salespeople were paid professionals.  FM 100 became an Album Rock station sometime in the early 1970s and featured the "Wax Museum" where a record album would be played in its entirety and listeners were encouraged to record it off the air.  DJs would even play calibration tones so listeners could set the levels on their reel-to-reel or cassette decks.  An odd holdover from WVUD's previous format was "Challenge of Modern-Day Marriage," a call-in show hosted by a Marianist priest which aired mid-days.  The coupon on the back of this sticker dates it to 1981 and soon after WVUD's format shifted to CHR as rival WTUE was winning the rock ratings war (in part by hiring former WVUD staffers after they graduated from UD.)  99.9 FM is currently Top-40 WCHD "Channel 99.9" while the WVUD call letters now live at the University of Delaware's radio station.

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