Tuesday, June 10, 2014

96 Rock Mystery Sticker

My buddy Dan in British Columbia sent me this scan from an unknown station.  My first thought was that it was from KPOI in Honolulu but, although they used the exact same logo, KPOI is known as "98 Rock."  My "stickers received" file shows three stations using the "96 Rock" branding:  KRZQ - Reno, Nevada, WBBB - Raleigh, North Carolina and WKLS - Atlanta, Georgia.  None of these stations use(d) this logo.  There is also a "96 Rock" in Cincinnati but their vintage logo doesn't match either.  Anyone know what station this mystery sticker is from?


  1. It may be from CKX-FM in Brandon, Manitoba. Just guessing.

  2. Actually This Bumper Sticker Is From Baltimore's WIYY I Think.