Wednesday, November 19, 2014


CKGE plays Rock 'n Roll in Toronto, Ontario and is licensed to Oshawa, ON.  Their playlist is fairly typical of a Mainstream/Active Rock station (albeit with some less familiar Canadian content.)  But while looking around their website I discovered a really interesting bit of weekend programming that "94.9 The Rock" features.  On Saturday and Sunday nights from 7 PM til midnight, Dave Marsden (former program director of the legendary CFNY) breaks with the usual format and appears to have free reign to play whatever he wants.  Recent playlists are filled with lots of post-punk, new wave and Canadian obscurities and aligns perfectly with my own musical tastes.  I think I've found my new favorite radio show!  "The Marsden Theatre" is also available as a podcast

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  1. Marsden is gone...pushed out. The Rock is now more of the same old crap. Geezer Rock with a narrow playlist.