Monday, March 2, 2015

Indiana Public Radio

Indiana Public Radio is a five station network covering 22 counties in eastern and central Indiana.

WBSW 90.9 FM - Marion, IN
WBSB 89.5 FM - Anderson, IN
WBSJ 91.7 FM - Portland, IN
WBSH 91.1 FM - Hagerstown, IN
WBST 92.1 FM - The flagship of the network emanates from (W) Ball STate University in Muncie, IN.  WBST began commercial broadcasting in 1951, although radio on campus actually began 28 years earlier when two students built a "radiophone" allowing students to hear transmissions from other cities.  A Ball State freshman named David Letterman began his broadcasting career at the station when he hosted a short-lived Rock show on what was otherwise an all-Classical outlet.

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