Thursday, April 2, 2015


KSHE went on the air in St. Louis, Missouri in 1961 with a Classical format aimed at female listeners--hence the K-SHE call letters and "The Lady of FM" branding. By the late 1960s the format had gradually started changing to rock and roll, eventually becoming a full-blown Progressive/Album Oriented Rock station.
KSHE's longtime mascot is a pig named "Sweetmeat" which first appeared on the cover of Blodwyn Pig's album 'Ahead Rings Out'.  The pig originally appeared with a joint in its mouth but later versions of a more cartoonish "Sweetmeat" were smoke-free.  Recent KSHE bumper stickers have brought back the original, vintage mascot.
KSHE is now owned by Emmis Communications, whose website says that the station's November, 1967 birth makes it the longest running rock station in the world.

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  1. A little trivia: Growing up in Norfolk (Dad was in the Navy), our next door neighbors (also Navy) were originally from St. Louis. They had named their dog "K-She" after the radio station. They had gotten the dog before moving to Norfolk. :)