Friday, November 4, 2016

College Radio Day / WRVS

Today is the 6th annual College Radio Day where hundreds of campus stations from around the world unite to celebrate the important contributions of college radio.  This year CRD even got a shout-out from President Obama.

“I am proud to join in marking the 6th annual College Radio Day on November 4.

Radio has long connected us as Americans– from the songs that make us sing and dance, to the shows that make us laugh and challenge our assumptions, to the news that helps us understand our place in the world. As we scan through stations that cover every kind of music and perspective on the political spectrum, we find that college radio holds a crucial and unique place on the dial. It’s not simply a proving ground for young people; it’s an opportunity for all Americans to experience new stories, new bands, and new ideas.

On College Radio Day, we pay tribute to the ways radio has enabled students – and all of us – to help shape a more inclusive society. As you tune in to your local station today, you have my best wishes.”

- Barack Obama.

89.9 FM WRVS is one of 8 participating stations from the state of North Carolina.  The 41,000-watt station broadcasts NPR News, Sports, Jazz, R&B and Gospel music from Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, NC.  WRVS celebrates their 30th anniversary this year having gone on the air in March, 1986.

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