Sunday, December 18, 2016


88.3 FM WRPS is operated by students and staff of Rockland High School in Rockland, Massachusetts.  The 105-watt station went on the air in February, 1974.  They play a mix of classic and current Modern Rock.


  1. This is very cool - thanks for posting!

  2. Been listening to your station on my lunch break a lot lately. LOVE the music selection. "Surfing and Spying" by the Go-Go's!? "Dirty Water" from Rock & Hyde!? Blondie's "Maria"! Endless surprises every hour. It basically sounds like your playing my CD collection. Keep it up. Who picks your music?

    1. Hi Greg! Sorry just seeing this now. What great compliments!

      I spend time each week searching for music that fits (maybe in a mismatch way) with new wave, punk rock, AND today's alt rock. We really do try to stand out and we're always so flattered to hear how dedicated our listeners are! Please feel free to email us directly at anytime.

      Lisa at WRPS