Tuesday, May 23, 2017


90.3 CKUT is a campus/community radio station based at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  Staffing is made up of over 200 volunteers who produce dozens of block-programmed music and spoken word shows spanning many genres.
I recently discovered a great show on CKUT called the International Radio Report which is a weekly roundup of radio-related news and information.  The IRR has been on the air as long as CKUT has and will be celebrating their 30th anniversary later this year in November.  It's only the second radio-related program that airs on an actual AM or FM radio station that I'm aware of.  The only other "radio on radio" program I know of is Radio Survivor which now airs on KXRY in Portland, Oregon.  I'm not including shortwave either, where DXing programs are not uncommon.

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