Friday, June 30, 2017


New York City's WNEW spent over 30 years as a Rock station--from October, 1967 until September, 1999.  Over the decades their format shifted from Progressive Rock to AOR and eventually included Classic Rock, Alternative, Active Rock and Adult Album Alternative.

A short-lived era of Hot Talk then took over which lasted until January, 2003.  At one point, their  ratings dipped to 0.7, an unprecedented level for a major market FM station and lower than many non-commercial stations in the city.

After time spent as "Blink 102.7" and "Mix 102.7", WNEW became Adult Contemporary "Fresh 102.7" in January, 2007 and eventually took the call letters WWFS.  The WNEW calls returned in March, 2016.


  1. Say Greg, can you find and upload some classic bumper sticker to 99.7 The Blitz? Because this is their 25th birthday.