Saturday, February 20, 2010


I organized my CDs today. What a time-consuming pain in the butt that was. The majority of the CDs were already alphabetized but I had about two years worth of purchases that needed to be put in their correct place. The worst one was a CD that belonged at the very beginning of the racks and required sliding 18 shelves of discs around so it could reside at the top of the collection (no it wasn't ABBA.....OK, yes it was....guilty pleasure.)
I must be old because I still buy a fair amount of compact discs. I like owning physical copies of music with all the artwork and packaging as opposed to soulless digital tracks.

Dayton just saw the closing of its last independent record store on Sunday when Gem City Records shut their doors forever. (I'm not counting Second Time Around which only carries used stuff and is concentrating more on DVDs and video games lately.) Renaissance Records was another long-gone indie shop which was always good for finding an obscurity or two and an owner who always seemed pissed that you were in his store. Looks like I'll be making more trips to Cincinnati for my CD fix now. The Queen City is home, hopefully for many more years, to one of the greatest record stores anywhere--Shake It.

"CD 105.9" KKCD is a Classic Rock station in Omaha, Nebraska. They're one of a handful of stations that brand themselves after the increasingly quaint compact disc.

An older KKCD sticker circa 2001.

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