Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hard Report / WROQ

While packing up to move recently I came across an old issue of The Hard Report, a now-defunct radio trade magazine aimed at Rock and Alternative stations. This February 1994 issue features a dozen radio stickers on its cover:

"The Loop" WLUP - Chicago, Illinois
"Rock 102" KATP - Amarillo, Texas
"Z-98" KSEZ - Sioux City, Iowa
"Laser 101.7" KRCH - Rochester, Minnesota
KFMZ - Columbia, Missouri"
"K-SKY" KSQY - Deadwood, South Dakota
"Rock 101" WROQ - Anderson, South Carolina
"Gulf 104" WGLF - Tallahassee, Florida
KOME - San Jose, California
WKIT - Brewer, Maine
"Q106" KQDI - Great Falls, Montana
"Rock 108" KJKJ - Grand Forks, North Dakota

I have stickers from 10 out of these 12 stations. Here are a couple of decals from "Rock 101" WROQ which are slightly different than the one shown on the cover of The Hard Report.

"Rock 101" is now a Classic Rock station for upstate South Carolina.

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