Friday, May 21, 2010


This is an iron-on patch (or is it a textured sticker that lost its adhesive?) from WFRL which once existed at 98.5 FM and 1570 AM. The AM side still exists while the FM is currently a Country outlet "Q98.5" WXXQ. Was WELL-FM a nickname for WFRL FM or did a station exist that had the WELL call letters? One thing is for sure, WFRL AM & FM is/was licensed to Freeport, Illinois. If you have any info on WELL FM/WFRL keep it to yourself feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: Received a very informative message from Wyatt Herrmann which I've lazily copied and pasted below. Thanks Wyatt!

WFRL-AM went on the air in October 1947. In 1959 WFRL was sold....from Vincent Barker (the guy who started the station) to Triad Radio somewhere in Michigan....Battle Creek, MI if memory serves me correctly.

In 1967 WELL-FM went on the air. The call letters stayed on 98.5 for 3 years. When WFRL/WELL-FM moved to the new high rise bank building in Freeport (1970), they changed the call letters to WFRL-FM.

In 1972/1973 the call letters went back to WELL-FM. In 1975 just before Triad put the 2 Freeport stations up for sale, they changed the call letters back to WFRL-FM.

The stations were sold to Bradford-Ross Associates in June 1977. WFRL simulcast on WFRL-FM until the fall of 1979 when the call letters changed to WXXQ and became an automated top 40 station while the AM went back to country.

WXXQ 98.5 moved it's studios to Rockford in 1996 and built a new tower closer to Rockford in 1998 and is running at reduced power while still being licensed to Freeport.

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