Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Feeling Lucky

Like almost everybody else, I use Google for all of my web searches. All this time I never paid attention to the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button or even knew what it was. If you enter anything in the search box and click the "Lucky" button it bypasses all the results and sends you directly to whatever the first ranked page would have been. So I typed in "radio stickers" and was pleasantly surprised that it sent me to this very blog. I imagine this could change over time but as of today I'm the lucky "radio sticker" winner.

Let's try a few more...

"Radio decal" sent me to a place that sells water slide decals for vintage radios.
"Radio promotional items" will put your station's logo on a variety of nicknacks.
"Station sticker" sends you to a motor vehicle inspection business in Maine.

After getting your car inspected at that place you could drive up to Bar Harbor, Maine and listen to "Lucky 99" WLKE.

Actually, you can't because "Lucky 99" is now "99.1 The Bear" but they still carry a Country format. "The Bear" is actually simulcast on three stations: 99.1 WLKE, 104.7 WBFB and 103.3 WMCM.

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