Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shirts and Stix - KFOG

During a recent move I rediscovered a few boxes of old radio t-shirts that I had forgotten about. I have two dressers full of radio tees that I wear on a regular basis but all of these boxed ones are too small or ragged to actually wear (and I don't have it in me to actually throw them away.) For the next few days and occasionally afterward I'll post a picture of one of these vintage radio shirts along with accompanying sticker(s). We'll begin with northern California's KFOG.

KFOG (named for the Bay area's famous sea fog) is an Adult Album Alternative station from San Francisco, California. They also broadcast on KFFG at 97.7 FM licensed to Los Altos, CA. KFOG switched from Easy Listening to AOR in 1982 and has carried a rock-based format for over 27 years. At one point in the early 1980s the Bay area had six Rock stations, none of which survived until now except KFOG.

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