Thursday, September 23, 2010

Places I've Lived #5 - Celina, Ohio

We moved from western New York to Celina, Ohio in December of 1983. Celina is stuck in the middle of the rural western part of the state and is best known for sitting at one end of Grand Lake St. Marys which was once the world's largest man-made lake. Dad worked at the Huffy Bicycle plant which was the largest employer in town until it shut down because of an influx of cheap, imported Chinese bikes. I lived in this town of about 10,000 people from eighth grade through my freshman year of college at Wright State University's Lake Campus in 1989.

Celina's "K94" WKKI is a Rock station but carried an Adult Contemporary format the entire time I lived there.

UPDATE: I was recently in Celina for the 2011 Lake Festival and snapped a couple photos.

An updated station logo taken from their front door.

The original station signage from the sidewalk out front.

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