Sunday, September 19, 2010


A couple of interesting "radio dial" sticker from 105.1 FM WYOR ("YOuR Beautiful Music Station") in Miami, Florida. According to Wikipedia, they released one of these updated stickers every year showing their dial position as well as every other major FM station in the market, including main competitor WLYF. The only difference between the two dials is at 93.9 where WBUS changed to WWWL. 105.1 FM is now Urban AC "Hot 105" WHQT. WYOR was licensed to Coral Gables, FL.


  1. That is really cool. I have a similar type sticker from KBIG 104.3 than runs down the Los Angeles FM dial (which I pegged as being from 1977).

    Wonder if any other major market stations besides WYOR & KBIG did this?

  2. I found a second WYOR sticker which I added to the post. They're the only radio dial stickers I know of.

  3. Should have read "KBIG 104.3 that runs down the Los Angeles FM dial".

    I'll scan it for you.