Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puerto Rico, Day 4 - WTPM

Today we took another ferry trip to the island of Culebrita.

We were dropped off on the waveless, snorkeling side and set off on a short hike across the island to Tortuga Beach.

What a gorgeous beach this was...and we had it all to ourselves! In fact, as far as we could tell, there was no one else on the entire island except us!

Being alone on a tropical island was simultaneously thrilling and worrisome. What if a shark eats my leg for lunch?! What if pirates come ashore and take us hostage?! No worries, we'll just call this phone number. Ha!

After awhile, we decided to hike up to the oldest lighthouse in the Caribbean. Note to self: Never ever hike in flip flops again. Those two-inch thorns slice right up on through that cheap flip flip foam and straight into your heel. Lesson learned.

This 1880s-era lighthouse was in state of beautiful decay. We didn't dare climb the steps to the top for fear of the whole thing crumbling down on us.

92.9 WTPM "Radio Paradise" is a Religious station licensed to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

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