Sunday, April 3, 2011


560 AM CHVO was part of the VOCM Network until 2008 when they moved to 103.9 FM as "KIXX Country." CHVO-AM was licensed to Carbonear, Newfoundland. Part of Newfoundland's flag can be seen in the O of the top sticker.


  1. The red, funny looking "Bat Wing" logo in both stickers, was part of the Corporate logo of parent station, VOCM in St. John's, Newfoundland. If you look closely, you can see each of the 4 letters within the logo. "V" in the centre, "O" as the outer circle, "C" as the left half of the logo, and a stylized "M" if you look at the whole logo. The nine horizontal lines intersecting the logo, represent the 9 radio station within the VOCM Radio Newfoundland network at the time.

    The "reverse, drop shadow" font used in the "chvo" call letters were common amongst most of the AM Network stations, that included: VOCM - St. John's; CHVO - Carbonear; CKVO - CLarenville; CHCM - Marystown; CKGA - Gander; CKCM - Grand Falls/Windsor; and CKIM - Baie Verte. The last 3 radio stations were also known locally as CK-Country in the late 1970's. Later, VOCM Radio Newfoundland Limited aquired 2 FM Stations. One in St. John's with a repeater in Clarenville. Starting off at VOCM-FM, they went through a couple of formats before settling on the K-Rock format.

    1. Very interesting about the bat wing logo. Thanks for the info!