Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Attack of the Killer B100s

"B100" WBYT is a Country station from Elkhart, Indiana.

This "B100" was a Top-40 station licensed to Burgaw, North Carolina. My records show that their call letters were WKXB but they might actually have been WVBS when this sticker came out. They would later become a Country station "Kix Country 99.9" which would fit the WKXB call letters better. Anybody know for sure? This frequency is currently home to a Rhythmic Adult Contemporary station "Jammin 99.9" now licensed to Boiling Spring Lakes, NC.

UPDATE:  A little more history from a reader:

Hello Greg,
I happened across your web blog with regard to Radio Station Decals/Stickers...
With regard to B100 (WKXB)... its been a long time.. however, before that radio station was a top 40 station - it use to be a gospel station... the call letters were WPJC (We Praise Jesus Christ).
I was only about 10/11 years old at the time, my parents had just moved us down from Philly, Pa during the summer...this would be around 1981/82... before we left Philly, Pa, I remember my mom taking communications course work part time and that helped her to land a radio DJ position with the burgaw, radio station that was call signed: WPJC.
I'm sure the station has changed over the years, it was a quite small station back then, had only 2 rooms for DJ's back then(yes, i had been inside on a few occasions, even got to cut a commerical for a hair salon as I recall once)...but they were always broadcasting on 100.
I think it was around 85/86(it was about the same time when the TV series called: The Greatest American Hero was on air) when the radio station switched from gospel to a top 40 station... as the owner was none other than the actor who played "Hunniecutt" from the M*A*S*H TV series. I think my mom still has that picture of her with him in the station together!)
Anyway, at the end of my mom's shift, she would play the theme song from that TV show for me to let me know she was on her way home(my parents divorced when I was about 13)...
Hope this background helps you out some on updating your web/blog...

"B100" KBEA is a CHR station licensed to Muscatine, Iowa.

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