Saturday, July 30, 2011

HFS Returns

Long-time Washington DC/Baltimore Alternative station WHFS (W Hi Fidelity Stereo) will return to the airwaves at 97.5 FM on August 1. In the 1970s WHFS was a Freeform Rock station and continued playing alternative music until abruptly flipping to Tropical Latin "El Zol" WLZL in 2005. WHFS is officially the HD-2 feed of WWMX at 106.5 FM and translated on W248AO at 97.5 FM licensed to Baltimore, Maryland.


  1. Hows it going-I was looking for mid 80s bumper stickers of WXYV V-103,WEBB AM 1360,and WWIN AM 1400. Pictures would be fine.I would like to use the photos for an upcoming project.Any reply from you would be appreciated. Thanks. Jason

  2. I forgot to include the city-Im sorry... These were stations in Baltimore Maryland. Thank you- Jason

  3. Hello Anonymous,
    I only have a sticker from WXYV when they were known as B102.7
    Since it is a static window sticker, I can't scan it without removing its backing which I prefer not to do. Sorry!

  4. Hello Greg,
    I've bumper sticker of WHFS "Earth Day 1993" theme.