Sunday, July 24, 2011

Radio in the Movies #6 - "A.M. Mayhem"

"A.M. Mayhem" is a documentary about Tucson, Arizona's first Hip-Hop station "Power 1490" KJYK. I haven't seen the film myself because the only public showing was last night at the Fox Theatre in Tucson although it is also available on DVD.

"Power 1490" played Hip-Hop and Rap from 1991 to 1995. They then switched to Modern Rock KNND "The End"--an abrupt format flip that remained a mystery but is apparently explained in the movie. Watch the trailer below:


  1. Love your site! Was pleased to see a post about my movie!!! I hope you get the DVD, you will love it!!! Lots of "extras" too, that weren't seen in the theatre!

  2. Thanks for posting about us!...