Tuesday, September 27, 2011


WMFO is a 125-watt Freeform station from Tufts University in (W)MedFOrd, Massachusetts. WMFO first went on the air in 1970 but broadcasting at Tufts goes back more than 100 years when the university founded its "wireless society." Using the call sign 1XE, the Tufts station began operating on a daily schedule in 1921, arguably the first station in the country to do so. By the late 1960s campus radio existed in the form of WTUR, an AM station formed by a group of anti-war students. Someone had the bright idea of running a coil of wire and connecting their transmitter to some nearby commuter railroad tracks--essentially wiring the tracks as an antenna. This illegally increased their broadcast range which resulted in the FCC revoking their license.

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