Sunday, May 13, 2012

Radio Sticker of the Day Mailbag - WTUE

One day while working the counter at the post office, I helped a customer mail a package that I noticed was being sent from Clear Channel Radio.  The sender was a CC employee and as we got to talking I mentioned my radio sticker collection.  He said to give him my address and he'd round up some stickers for me.  Thanks George!!!

104.7 WTUE has been a Rock station in Dayton, Ohio for 36 years.  After switching from Top-40 in 1976 they were known as "T-105" and carried an Album Oriented Rock format.

A late-1970s(?) advertising brochure.  How rare must it have been for a solo female to DJ morning drive at a rock station?  Now that I think about it....are there any that do it now?  In any format?

A WTUE postcard from around 1988.

CD booklet from WTUE's fourth and last Homegrown Album from 1990.

Another T-U-E sticker can be seen here.


  1. As a matter of fact, there is a solo female-hosted morning show, in Los Angeles ... Pat Prescott, at KTWV (94.7 The Wave).

  2. TM Jingle Singers: "WTUE In Dayton" !

  3. does anyone know how i could get a WTUE window sticker for my car?

  4. Try emailing the station and asking for one or stop by the station down in the Oregon District (if you're local). I'd send you one if I had an extra.