Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I was listening to the always-entertaining Rock And Roll Geek Show podcast recently and heard a song from Foxy Shazam called "Holy Touch."  This catchy tune has been stuck in my head for about a week now and it won't go away.  Damn you Michael Butler!

At the very end of the video, a DJ from the fictional station WQRX comes on and attempts to back announce the song over multiple false endings, getting cut-off in the process.  The much better official video deletes this brief bit of radio, unfortunately.

The real WQRX is a Spanish Christian station licensed to Valley Head, Alabama.  The top sticker probably dates to 1986 when they went on the air with an Oldies format.  The bottom sticker is from 1992 when the Broadcasting Yearbook lists them as having a "Greatest Hits" format (despite the logo from Country band Alabama.)  The decal is also autographed by station president Jeff Cook for some reason.

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