Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arbitron Diary - WYSO

About 6 months ago I received a letter from Arbitron (now owned by Nielsen Media Research) saying that I'd been randomly chosen to take part in a survey of my radio listening habits.  A while later my box of diaries and instructions on how to fill them out arrived along with a few dollars as incentive to follow through on mailing them back.

Even though I run this daily radio-related blog, the sad fact is that I don't listen to nearly as much radio as I used to.  I'm burned out on most gold-based music stations and current music just sounds like crap.  I guess this means I'm officially old.  When I do listen, it's almost always in the car and it's usually an NPR station or sports talk radio. 
Arbitron specifically asks that "you do not discuss your role in Arbitron research with people outside of your household, including people on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter."  But, since my participation was almost half a year ago, I figure they won't have a problem with my blogging about it now.

The time-spent-listening winner in my diary was probably WYSO, a public radio station in (W) Yellow Springs, Ohio.  WYSO went on the air in 1958 and is owned by Antioch College.  They are the main NPR station for Dayton and the Miami Valley.
It's my understanding that non-commercial stations are counted in--but don't actually appear in-- Arbitron's ratings.  Something called the Radio Research Consortium provides ratings for non-commercial stations through a contract with Arbitron.  RRC's Winter 2014 AQH Share percentage for WYSO was 4.2 which would put them around 6th place if non-coms were included.  Or not...I don't know how this stuff works.

Rev. Cool has hosted Around the Fringe, a unique mix of punk, reggae, roots and world music on WYSO for over 30 years.

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