Monday, June 20, 2016


Vancouver, British Columbia's CKLG (CK Lion's Gate Broadcasting) went on the air in 1955 at 1070 AM and featured "MOR, popular and classical music".  Due to interference from Los Angeles' KNX, CKLG moved to 730 AM in 1957.  Around that same time the 10,000-watt station featured three husband and wife teams on the air.  A Top-40 format was introduced in 1964 and, except for a mid-90s run as a Talk outlet, the station played contemporary music up until 2001 when they flipped to all-News as CJNW.  730 AM is currently CHMJ, an all-Traffic station.
Anybody know the meaning behind the "CKLG Gonged Me" button?

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  1. This is copied and pasted from another entry. Thanks Ted!

    To answer your CKLG Gonged Me button question ... That was from the late 1970's when the Gong Show was on TV. Afternoon jock Don Berns was doing a daily contest based on The Gong Show. If contestants won, they got a T-Shirt and LPs, if they lost, they got the button.