Sunday, July 10, 2016


m2o is a radio network based in Rome, Italy airing Dance/Club music.  The station's name comes from "two parts music and one part oxygen" while the tagline on these decals tranlates to "music in its purest form."  m2o went on the air in 2002.


  1. Greg ... To answer your CKLG Gonged Me button question ... Thatw as from the late 1970's when the Gong Show was on TV. Afternoon jock Don Berns was doing a daily contest based on The Gong Show. If contestants won, they got a T-Shirt and LPs, if they lost, they got the button.
    Onto an unid sticker .. Y 105 today's best music 105.7 with ads on teh back for Depot Food stores and Putt-Putt from 1995. Y 105 logo is the same as WLYV Dubuque IA's current Y 105 logo. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Y105 was probably WZNY Augusta, Georgia. I posted the sticker in the Tuesday, July 12th entry.