Saturday, July 16, 2016


Houston, Texas' 104.1 KRBE signed on the air as a Classical station in November, 1959.  By the late 1960s they had flipped to Top-40, a format that would continue, in one style or another, up to the present day.  There is some contention about what the call letters originally stood for.  Some say it refers to the original owner and his wife (K) Roland Baker Edith while others, including one of Mr. Baker's sons, says it stood for Key to Radio Broadcasting Excellence.

At one point (in the mid-1980s?) sister station KRBE 1070 AM carried a Classic Rock format and at other times simulcast KRBE FM.


  1. Actually, the call letters was named after "Kirby Dr." one of Houston's streets.

    1. No it wasn't name after Kirby Dr, however I can remember a time in the 70s when people called it "Kirby". The call letters were derived from the stations original owners Roland and Edith Baker. On air it was said the calls stood for Key to Radio Broadcast Excellence

    2. Nope, it was named after "Kirby Dr.", but the call letters is short for "Kids Of Roland and Edith Baker".

      Hence the name of the station KRBE.

  2. I read that somewhere too but a Houston radio history website claims that KRBE was originally located at 1400 Hermann starting in 1959 and didn't move to the Kirby address until 1966.

  3. Classic Rock 1070 AM KRBE was on air from 1984 to 1987. In mid 1988 became Satellite Music Network's "Z-Rock 1070AM"