Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A coupon on the back of this AM 1270 KIOX bumper sticker dates it to 1993.  The Broadcasting Yearbook from that year lists their format as "Contemporary Hit Country" and licensed to Bay City, Texas.
Bobby Jones was a local polka musician and radio personality (on 1390 AM KULP, at the time) who disappeared in 2007 and was never heard from again.  The license plate from his car was found near the Colorado River but nothing I could find online indicates that he (or his car) was ever found.

"X97" KIOX played Country music and was licensed to El Campo, Texas.  I'm too lazy to research if they were co-owned or just used the same call letters as the station at 1270 AM.  The KIOX call letters still exist in the Bay City area at 96.1 FM licensed to Edna, TX.

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