Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Q99 is a Hot Adult Contemporary station from Grande Prairie, Alberta and began broadcasting in April, 2007. Nobody told CIKT that it's traditional to actually place a "Q" somewhere in their call letters if they're going to be branded as such.

Today is Respect Canada Day. Do with that what you will...

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  1. Actually the KT in CIKT stands for Ken Truhn (the owner). A lot of radio station owners did this decades ago, but I haven’t heard of it happening too much in recent times.....only in Grande Prairie.....

    I had never heard of Respect Canada Day before. In fact I thought you were just joking Greg until I looked it up in Google and found out that it’s genuine.

    Well old buddy, if you really want to show some respect you’ll send me a money order for a few hundred bucks (U.S.) so I can get some beer & pizza to celebrate Respect Ohio Day in style.