Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Canada Day, eh!

Canada Day marks the July 1st, 1867 joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick and the Province of Canada (which was later divided into Ontario and Quebec.) This day also allows idiot Americans to add "eh" to the end of everything they say in order to help fulfill a secret wish that they were actually Canadian (or maybe that's just me.)

CBC Radio is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio division which operates three main networks. CBC Radio One is primarily news and information. CBC Radio 2 is music, arts and culture programming while CBC Radio 3 runs an Indie Rock format. There are also three French language divisions which run roughly the same type of programming as their English counterparts. Première Chaîne is news and information. Espace musique broadcasts music, arts and culture and Bande à part carries youth-oriented music programming.

While living in Celina, Ohio I managed to listen to the "CBC Stereo" (now CBC Radio 2) affiliate from Windsor, Ontario most Friday nights for "Brave New Waves." BNW exposed me to all kinds of great alternative music in the mid 80s and heavily influenced my musical tastes. It was quite a feat to pick up this FM station (look on a map) but I had a huge rooftop FM antenna at the time. If only I had airchecked some of those shows....

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