Friday, July 24, 2009

Gateway Arch Opens

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri opened on this day back in 1967. The concrete and steel structure was designed twenty years earlier by two Finnish-Americans, one of whom died before he could see it completed. The Arch is both 630 feet tall and 630 feet feet wide at its base, which makes it the tallest monument in the United States. The core is hollow, allowing visitors to ride a tram to an observation deck where you can see 30 miles on a clear day.
In 1994 I saw the Arch in person albeit from the highway. I was on my way to KPNT's second-ever daylong PointFest where the only bands I remember seeing were Material Issue and the Violent Femmes. I think Lisa Loeb sang her one hit as well but it's all a blur at this point.

KDHX (K Double HeliX Corporation, the name of the non-profit owner) is a listener-supported community station licensed to St. Louis, MO.

Here's an older, Archless sticker. I just now noticed that the 1 in their frequency forms the back of the K in their call letters.


  1. Do you have a WARH 106.5 The Arch logo? Goes well with this day's blob.

  2. Yep.