Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chiquita Pays KASH to Death Squads

I just caught up with a recent summer re-run of 60 Minutes via podcast. There was an interesting story about the Chiquita banana company and how they paid almost two million dollars in protection money to a murderous paramilitary group in Colombia. Chiquita said the money had to be paid in order to protect the lives of their employees in that country. Essentially, their extortion payments were helping to fund one side of a 40 year war being waged between the paramilitaries and Marxist guerillas--a war in which entire villages were being wiped out and thousands killed. All of this to stay in the banana business.

I ate a banana this morning. Not a Chiquita banana but one grown by Banacol. Whew! No blood on my hands.
Well crap...I just Googled around and apparently Banacol made illegal payments to these murderers as well. Suddenly "The World's Most Perfect Food" doesn't taste so good anymore.

KASH was a 1970s-era Top-40 station in Eugene, Oregon.

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  1. Spent many hours listening to KASH when I was a kid as they boomed into Vancouver at nights. Almost as legendary in the Northwest as KJR Seattle or KISN Portland were.