Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gene Simmons Turns 60

I was looking at a list of famous people who share my birthday today:
Monty Hall
Sean Connery
Regis Philbin
Rollie Fingers
Rob Halford
Geoff Downes
Elvis Costello
Tim Burton
Billy Ray Cyrus
Claudia Schiffer
Gene Simmons from KISS who turns 60. Gene really, really, really, likes money. Did you know that he trademarked the moneybag logo with the dollar sign on it? I thought that image had been used for years and was in the public domain. Apparently he used to turn the S of his last name into a dollar sign when signing autographs. A lawyer said he should copyright the two slashes going through the S which he did. He then got a copyright for the moneybag too.

WRIF is a heritage Rock station in Detroit, Michigan. Previous WRIF stickers can be found here.

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