Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CMJ New Music

I subscribe to a few music magazines--Rolling Stone, Paste, Spin and, until they went belly-up, Blender. I also get CMJ New Music Monthly which I honestly thought had ceased to exist as I hadn't gotten an issue for months. I didn't think anything of it because their timeliness has been spotty for years. When a "new" issue did arrive it was frequently outdated. The latest one which I received in the mail yesterday is dated June 20th and their charts are from the first week of July. It's probably a good idea that they dropped the "Monthly" from their title and just go by "CMJ New Music" now. I always liked CMJ (which stands for College Music Journal and covers indie/"alternative" music) because it came with a sampler CD and has turned me on to countless bands since I started subscribing in 1994. Now the physical disc is gone too and only available as a download. Too bad they didn't offer subscribers a choice between CD and download like Paste did recently. For some reason I still want the compact disc.

96 FM WCMJ has nothing to do with the College Music Journal and wouldn't be caught dead playing Art Brut, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective or any other beloved CMJ band. They're a Contemporary Hit Music station licensed to Cambridge, Ohio.

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