Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mystery Sticker #15 SOLVED!!

Not sure what station this "Channel Z 105 FM" (or is it "Channel 105 Z FM"?) sticker is from. There's a chance it might have been from 105.7 WZAZ which was licensed to Hilliard, Ohio and known as "Channel Z." Anybody who knows for sure gets a free Thanksgiving turkey!*

*Offer not valid in the United States, Canada or anywhere else.

UPDATE: Channel Z 105 FM was KTOZ licensed to Marshfield, Missouri (currently 104.7 The Cave.) See the comments below.


  1. Pretty sure that sticker was for Channel Z 95.1 in Augusta, GA. Sadley the alternative rock station is no more. They only aired from about 1994-1998 maybe. Don't remember what the station letters are. That sticker brings back memories of hearing Green Day for the first time.

    Where's my turkey?

    1. That would have been 95.1 WCHZ licensed to Harlem, Georgia. But if it was from them why would the sticker say "105 FM"? No turkey for you! :-)
      (Actually no Butterball for anyone...see the disclaimer printed below the turkey offer.)

  2. It's the former KTOZ 104.7 Marshfield - Springfield, Missouri. Was alt as "The Planet" then Superfrank Copsidas purchased it and it became alt rock "Channel Z" - later moved to 95.5 with the same format.

  3. This is most definitely Channel Z 104.7 Springfield, MO (90's modern rock). I had the exact same bumper sticker on my car in high school in the mid 90's.