Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bills vs Bengals

Went down to Paul Brown Stadium today to watch The Buffalo Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals. Lowly Buffalo finally managed to get their first win last Sunday while Cincinnati went into the game with a 2-7 record. Despite this crappy matchup, SuckBowl 2010 turned out to be a very entertaining game. After trailing 28-7 at one point in the second quarter and down 31-14 at the half, Buffalo scored 35 unanswered points in the second half to destroy the Bungles 49-31. It was the 10th straight time Buffalo has beaten Cincy dating back to 1989. Go Bills!!

Me and the boy enjoying the rout in a nearly-empty stadium as the Cincy fans hit the exits.

I saw this billboard while walking out of the stadium. WEBN has been a Rock station in Cincinnati since 1967 when they pioneered the album rock format. They are, in fact, the longest running AOR station in the country. EBN's mascot has been a frog since the early 1970s and is so ubiquitous and deeply rooted within the branding of the station that lately their stickers have foregone call letter and frequency and are simply a froghead. WEBN is also the flagship of the Cincinnati Bengals along with WLW and WCKY.

WHAM is a News/Talk station from Rochester, New York.


  1. Hey Greg, Next Year Is Frog's Birthday, He's Been Part Of WEBN Since 1976, So I Was Wondering Can You Find More Of WEBN Frog Stickers?