Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sticker Board #1

I started collecting radio station bumper stickers in the mid 1980s, but it wasn't until 1997 that the amount of decals in the collection really started to grow significantly. That year I got internet access which made contacting radio stations cheap and easy. Up until then I was blindly sending out self-addressed stamped envelopes and hoping I got something back. Now I could email the station to see if a sticker was available and usually they mailed it right to me if I asked nicely (sometimes with other station goodies as well.) Around this time, my feeble mind decided it would be a good idea to stick a bunch of decals to large sheets of poster board. I filled up 26 of these boards which, at an average of 55 stickers per board, means I "wasted" 1,430 radio station bumper stickers. I even went so far as to get a sheet of plexiglass to display window and static stickers but then thought better of it. While I still technically own these stickers, and the boards look pretty cool, I wish I had them in their intact form. Like a giant puzzle, it was a real challenge finding and placing the stickers to fit the board perfectly. Here's the first sheet of stickers--click it for a closer view. I'll post the other 25 boards in the coming months.

Here's the station listing for this board from left to right, top to bottom.

KPRZ - San Diego, California
WBAP - Fort Worth, Texas
“Magic 105” KMGX - Little Rock, Arkansas
“FM 102” KNOE - Monroe, Louisiana
“106.5 The Buzz” KBZU - Richmond, Virginia
“Z Rock 106.7 FM” KRQR - Orland, California
KSFM - Woodland, California
KOGT - Orange, Texas
Rev 105 KREV/WREV - Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Colors 92.7” KLRS - Chico, California
KFKF - Kansas City, Kansas
“KQ98” KQYB - Spring Grove, Minnesota
“Hot 103” - Kansas City, Missouri
WVUD - Newark, Delaware
KIIM - Tucson, Arizona
KOOP - Hornsby, Texas
“103.7 The Planet” KPLN - San Diego, California
KJLS - Hays, Kansas
KQXY - Nederland, Texas
WHSA - Brule, Wisconsin
KPRO - Riverside, California
92,2 Radio Toulouse - Toulouse, France
“Jazz FM 98” KIFM - San Diego, California
KFWB - Los Angeles, California
Radio Nostalgie 101.4 - France
Energie 101,5 - Lyon, France
“The River 93.5” WCTB - Waterville, Maine
KFMW - Waterloo, Iowa
KRNA - Iowa City, Iowa
KKUA - Wailuku, Hawaii
KHUM - Ferndale, California
KGON - Portland, Oregon
KIPO - Honolulu, Hawaii
Radio Toulouse - Toulouse, France
“93 Rock” KRXQ - Roseville, CA
KLAW - Lawton, Oklahoma
KONA - Kennewick, Washington
KQKI - Morgan City, Louisiana
“KRock 101.5” KMKF - Manhattan, Kansas
KQRS - Golden Valley, Minnesota
KRBE - Houston, Texas
“Kiss 97.3” KKSS - Albuquerque, New Mexico
KPCC - Pasadena, California
KMLB - Monroe, Louisiana
“The Boss 93.9” KOYN - Paris, Texas
“B100” KBDR - Laredo, Texas
“Mix 96.3” KHMX - Houston, Texas
KABF - Little Rock, Arkansas
KRCC - Colorado Springs, Colorado
WVBR - Ithaca, New York
KPLX - Fort Worth, Texas
KLJC - Kansas City, Missouri
WRKY - Steubenville, Ohio
Radio Pori - Pori, Finland


  1. Do you have a pink Rev 105 Minneapolis sticker? I've searched high and low.

  2. Nope. I have another REV 105 sticker besides this one but it's also red, black and white with a radio tower on it. Sorry.

  3. Greg Can You Find Some WQHT Hot 103 Sticker Next?!

  4. No WQHT Hot 103 stickers. Sorry!

  5. Do you have any KSD-FM stickers when they were known as Mix 93.7?

  6. I have a Mix 93.7 sticker. I'll try to find it and post a picture in the next few days.

  7. Say, Can You Upload KRBE Bumper Stickers?

  8. Bunch of KRBE stix here: