Monday, August 8, 2011


1470 WFSR was a Country station from Harlan, Kentucky circa 1982. They're currently a Gospel station located at 970 AM. Just what exactly is "Country Lovin?" I'm serious...I have no idea. (Insert sheep joke here.)


  1. Country Luvin was a format by Peter's Production Company which supplied the music and imaging for WFSR when they first aired back in 1975. I was one of the original announcers back then. I recall watching Ed Allan cue up "Let your Love Flow" by the Bellamy Brothers and fire it up as the first song to play on the station. Ahh the memories.

  2. Hey, I think WSFR just switched to classic rock format... at least the 1077 WSFR Louisville feed on iTunes says classic rock (and they are playing it today). Maybe switched over at the new year?

    Tracy - so cool to read your comment! I was a DJ at KCCY Pueblo, CO back in 1983-84, and then went west to KZOZ Top 40 and KKAL Country, Central Coast California in 84-85. I love the radio stories! Maybe sometime I'll post about my infamous air-check session with J. Ralph Carter at KCCY, who was also our local TV weatherman in addition to being the station staff manager. He floored me!