Saturday, October 1, 2011

Minster Oktoberfest

Today we traveled about an hour north of Dayton to the small town of Minster for their annual Oktoberfest. Minster is a town of about 3,000 people but balloons to over 80,000 for this three day beer guzzling contest event. After getting our jug of beer (most people buy their brew in half-gallon milk containers) we bought some Alpine-style hats and a few pins. We saw many of these hats decorated with dozens of buttons and extravagant feathers. I now have a reason to buy souvenir pins from places I travel and I plan on covering my silly hat with them.

The next day I remembered that a radio station had sent me some pins which would be perfect for my new headgear. (Click the picture below to see them better.)

DRS-3 is a pop music station from Zürich, Switzerland. While the biggest and best known Oktoberfest in the world is in Munich, Germany, Zürich has a large one too.

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