Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bills vs Bengals / WEBN

On Sunday we headed down to Cincinnati to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals. Last year Buffalo was losing by three touchdowns but came back to win in a crazy 49-31 victory. This time the Bills weren't so lucky as they lost 23-20 on a gut-wrenching field goal as time expired. Despite the loss, it was a beautiful day for football and you couldn't ask for a closer game.

A shot of WEBN's remote truck located on the plaza outside Paul Brown Stadium. Unfortunately the guy manning the WEBN tent had zero promotional stuff (any stickers given away would have been plastered all over the stadium.)

WEBN handed out these Mike Brown Bags a few years ago complete with eyeholes to cut out and wear over your head in shame. Mike Brown is one of the worst owners in all of professional sports and any success the Bengals enjoy come in spite of his colossally idiotic decisions.

WEBN has been a Rock station in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1967.

1 comment:

  1. John B. Wells: "Broadcasting Live From High Atop Frog's Mountain".

    Kidd Chris : (Looney Laughter)

    Red Rider: "The Lunatic Fringe!"

    John B. Wells: "Of American FM".

    Geoff Tate: (Screaming)

    Vaughn B. Electric: "FM 103".

    John B. Wells: "WEBN, Cincinnati".