Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radio Sticker of the Day Mailbag

Maybe it's because I work for the United States Postal Service but I love mail. Which makes it nice that my little hobby is dependent on mail received from radio stations, fellow sticker collectors and readers of this blog. You never know what's going to be in that box when you open it up. Today I received two stickers via registered letter from a fellow in Venezuela who also collects radio decals. Thanks for sending them! I'll be mailing you some in return very soon.

I could find no information about Radio Internacional other than that it is/was from Venezuela. Maybe the person who sent it could offer some background about this station?

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  1. Dear friend and colleague. I am pleased to greet you and acknowledge some radio stations stickers United States as well as Vatican Radio, Radio Nederland, Radio Canada, and so on. Very grateful for your support and look forward to continue to have your shipment. I'll Venezuela decals I can send radio stations on AM and FM. And while I would like to have your collaboration in sending stations stickers United States. You help me, I'll help you. As for the decal of Xtrema 92.1 Cabimas station located in Zulia state, however you can search the blog on page from 25/08 / 2009 and 24/10/2009 you can get information from the station and International radio located in Maracaibo, Zulia state, Venezuela, that you can also get information on the blog dated 04/09/2008. In the coming days I will send some stickers Venezuelan stations in order to maintain nostro exchange between two. I await your response.
    Antonio Contin